Enzyme Supplements for Wheat Intolerance

Loose stools are one of the more unpleasant and embarrassing wheat intolerance symptoms. Many people who suffer from celiac disease also have concurrent pancreatic problems which can make it difficult for them to digest foods properly, leading to persistent diarrhea. Now, a study is underway to determine whether supplementation with lipase (available from many health food stores in pill form) can help to control those unpleasant symptoms… and results look promising so far.


A simple fecal test for an enzyme called fecal elastase can give your doctor a good idea of whether your pancreas is functioning well, and might be a good idea for people with celiac disease or wheat intolerance who also suffer from frequent diarrhea. Lipase supplements are available over the counter and online; just make sure to do your homework and choose a reputable brand, since nutritional supplements are not regulated in the same way as drugs and food.

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